The Wyze Opportunity


You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself. WyzeMedia and other Independent Business Owners (IBOs) all work together every step of the way to move your business forward. You have a lot of freedom and options when it comes to building your business on a global scale. 
You expand your business by acquiring customers and sharing the WyzeMedia opportunity.
There are 2 basic ways to earn income as a WyzeMedia IBO
  1. Customer Acquisition: Give our 100% Free Business TV and Digital Signage away to businesses to earn immediate and residual income
  2. Enroll Other IBOs: When you enroll, train and support others that are interested in becoming an IBO you can earn a Fast Start Bonus and get promoted along the way to higher earnings
Ask your Sponsor for help
The IBO who sponsored you has a proven system for generating sales and showing the WyzeMedia Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan to people who might be interested in starting their own WyzeMedia business. Use your sponsor as a resource when you start presenting the sales plan and the compensation plan.  Sharing, Training and Support are paramount to yours and our success.
Notice:  There are significant differences in the amount of compensation earned at each earned Rank.  Be sure to ask your sponsor to explain the differences.

Opportunity: The WyzeMedia Opportunity has been designed to help you build a business that can produce immediate income, as well as long-term residual income. One of WyzeMedia’s greatest strengths is its Compensation Plan - a simple but powerful incentive for you to work your way into the earned Ranks – the higher you go, the more income you can earn, with no inventory to buy!

Get Started: Join the company as Production Manager and start earning today.

Promotion to Producer: In order to be promoted to Producer, a Production Manager. must enroll 10 Venues and enroll at least 1 other IBO, There is no time limit.  You can get promoted immediately.

Fast Start Bonus: To qualify for the Fast Start Bonus^ FSB. You must enroll 10 Venues and enroll at least other 1 IBO in first 30 days. (^No limit on number of FSBs in first 30 days) Fast Start Bonus is a bonus for customer acquisition and helping new IBOs acquire new customers.

Promotion to Executive Producer: In order to be promoted to Executive Producer, a Producer must enroll 50 Venues and enroll at least 5 other IBOs. There is no time limit on how long you can take to get promoted.

Promotion to Platinum Producer: In order to be promoted to Platinum Producer Platinum Producer, an Executive Producer must have personally enrolled 200 Venues and have at least 500 other IBOs in their organization.

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What is WyzeMedia?

WyzeMedia is a unique all-in-one Business TV Streaming and Digital Signage Solution combined to highlight business, in-store promotions, menus, upcoming events, and more.  PLUS... Music, Sports, Kids Channels, Trivia, Laughs and Lifestyle Videos

100% Free for Business.
Traditionally Video Streaming and Digital Signage is expensive.  Not anymore, WyzeMedia has solved this problem with an all-in-one plug and play solution, called WyzeAds.  This menu driven solution is taking the market by storm, and is absolutely free to business.

Our programming inspires, excites, informs, motivates, and amuses your customers.  Over 200 channels of audio-optional TV made for enjoying everywhere. 

Show your customers how to cut the cord and break away from expensive cable costs with all FREE channels and Digital Signage on a WyzeMedia-provided device. 

Why is it Such an Easy Sell?
Because there is no Selling!  Everything we do is 100% Free for business.  No Device Cost, No Shipping, No Installation, No Contract.  We've heard it said, this is the easiest decision in the history of decisions.

WyzeMedia Become a Business Owner


We have a unique opportunity for passionate and committed people who are looking to break into a growing industry with their own business.

Our Video Streaming services is the path to a high-revenue value-driven business of giving away Free Streaming Services and Free Digital Signage to local businesses, while getting paid to give it away.

We know there are multiple business opportunities available, but WyzeMedia enjoys a major competitive advantage that keeps us growing and operating even during the most challenging times with in-store video streaming that keeps customers engaged, with built in hands free streaming that is always available 24/7/365

Start Now

Some of the best Wisdom I have ever heard is priceless and true.  The best time to start is always Now.  In “everything” you consider doing for your betterment, its better to start now than later.  Start now, don’t wait and you will always win!  It’s just that simple.
“Almost anyone can recognize an opportunity, but few people will actually act upon opportunities” Steve Utley, CEO WyzeMedia.  Some people go their entire lives with the mindset that they have to trade time for money. And they never experience the other side where their work is something they look forward to every day.

  • Low Entry Cost WyzeMedia has a low entry cost to get you started in owning your own business along with all the tools you will need to start earning today.  
  • Monthly Business Service Fee WyzeMedia has a low monthly service fee (Wyze Business Services WBS) that includes back office management, accounting, ongoing training, home office support, access to device tracking, access to revenue tracking, access to your Team Members, View Tier Structures, ability to register your potential customers and businesses that you have called on and much more.
WyzeMedia Group Training

Top Reasons to Invest in Yourself and WyzeMedia

Our Streaming and Digital Signage Solutions are 100% Free
Imagine getting paid to "give away" streaming services to your business customers.  We don't charge a dime, not even a shipping or install fee.  We are truly 100% Free to your business customers and we will pay you to give it away!

Always in Demand
With 75% of Americans using some sort of video streaming, there will always be a demand for video streaming and in store entertainment.  Customers Expect it!

Virtually Unlimited Customers on a Global Scale
Unlike many businesses, we have a never ending stream of customers.  Many of our customers like and benefit from our service so much, they actually purchase more TVs for their business just to be able to show more and more of our high quality content.

Hi-Tech Proven Business Model
WyzeMedia innovative use of streaming and marketing technology keeps costs down and makes it easy to offer it to businesses as a Free value added service

A Customer-First Approach
We believe in making streaming services easy.  The in-business customer entertainment experience should be fun and a place where customers can find quality and engaging entertainment

Expertise & Support
No technical background necessary. We provide comprehensive, ongoing training, tools and techniques to jump start and help you run your business

No Inventory to Purchase
We handle it all, no inventory to buy

Fast Track
Are you in college or trade school.  Get started with our special program designed just for college students (at any age).

We are giving College Students an opportunity to dip their toes in entrepreneurship with our Fast Track Kit.  
Fast Track was created to give an early business opportunity for students.

Now's The Time To Start
If you're looking for consistent income and consistently great benefits, now's the time to join our Team

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