Business Owners and Managers

As a Business Owner or Manager you always want the best experience for your customers. Give your customers a reason to stay longer or return more often. We offer you Free On-Demand streaming services for your business.

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WyzeMedia Plug and PlayWe're Easy!

SIMPLE TO INSTALL Plug in the player it will be ready to stream in minutes. Just Plug and Play

FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Don’t like viral videos, just want the best of the 80s, generate excitement with custom signage? No problem. You pick what you want to see when you want to see it

THE PLAYER IS 100% FREE Installing and streaming comes at zero cost to your business.  We even pay the shipping

24/7/365 SUPPORT We got your back! The customer success team is available 24/7/365 – via email, call, text, and even in person

WyzeMedia TV

100% Free for Business

Traditionally Video Streaming and Digital Signage is expensive. Not anymore, WyzeMedia has solved this problem with an all-in-one plug and play solution. This menu driven solution is fast and easy. Now any business, anywhere can turn their TV screens into powerful sales tools.

What's the Catch?

In order to qualify for your Free Media Player, we ask;

  • When you receive your order, plug the device in right away.  (that activates your account)
  • Leave the TV on and the device running for at least 240 hours a month (8 hours a day)

Simply place your order online, tell us how many TV devices you need and we handle it from there.

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